Sunday, November 6, 2011

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Mental Cube - So This Is Love - 1991

DEEEEEp house classic from UK duo responsible for Future Sound Of London. Huge house classic for me. HUGE. Simple , like house should be. Piano line , two vocal samples , drums. Heaven.

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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Tavares - More Than A Woman- 1977

One of my favorite  'cheesy disco' hits - from the Saturday Night Fever  soundtrack. Some (most) people probably know the Bee Gees version better , they wrote the song and Adult Contemporary radio seems to play their version more.  But this Tavares version brings back many great memories to me ,....i was 14 and going to discoteques illegally ,  this is/was such a happy song. Reminds me of quite a few early in life girlfriends too. Those day will never be re-created. As much as life seemed so much fun and music seemed so so good in the late 1960's , ditto for the late 1970's , when people were more into having fun then worrying about what their friends thought of their taste in music.  Fuck the corporate rock fans of the early 1980-'s that worshipped the burning of the disco records at Wrigley Field , and were proud of it. They are /were the music tea party people of the pre house age. Tired , and simply following trends. Shame on them for not understanding , or appreciating disco. But then again , thats why underground house sounded so good in the mid to late 1980's. So i guess its a wash.

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Culture Beat - No Deeper Meaning - 1991

Classic Culture Beat , my favorite songs by the group. I initially played this as an album cut , loving it's Tears For Fears ' Change' sample that rides through it. And i was always into that hip house sound, i thought it bridged the huge rap sound of mainstream America with house music. I was into anything that brought more people into the house music fold. So to speak. This crossed even more genres , adding a euro pop flair to the mix.

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The Sleeping Pills - Aquarius - 1991

I have to admit I am in love with this song , still. Not only the song , but this version of it. Very high energy and very underground , pre-trance house is the only way to describe it. The piano is amazing. Its very uptempo, almost 140. But this is a very undergound slammin good time of a song. Its not hard, just fast and smooth and ....ell...trancey. And dancey. Quality from Hangman Records.

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Ser - War (No Mas) - 1990

Serious high energy - sample heavy track , sampling Ronald Reagon among others. Highly sought after among collectors, this is a pretty rare and valuable record. Didn't do much when it was out , but today it sounds pretty good with the current electro sound. Is it high energy , rock , alternative , house , electro ? Who could tell. Fantastic synthesisers though.

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Chris Rea- I Can Feel Your Heartbeat - 1983

High energy / euro pop classic , this was a few years after his huge international smash ' Fool If You Think Its Over' . Big in the gay clubs in the USA and pop clubs in Europe, the song peaked at # 60 on the UK pop charts , # 16 in Ireland, and # 7 in Sweden.  It may sound ' tame ' by todays standards , but so is a truckload of other dance classics. Just enjoy it , preferably sipping on white wine on a sidewalk cafe in Montreal, or better yet Paris.

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